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I am a professional full time Realtor. I’ve always had a passion for real estate and God has been leading me into this direction for quite some time. I am a hard worker #AllWorkNoPlay and I am true to the statement “There’s no place like home!” I want to give my clients a great experience with my hard work and dedication to making the right decision that’s suitable for them and satisfies everybody. If my clients aren’t satisfied, my job is not finished.


I was born in Dayton, Ohio. After 4 days of being born, I got adopted into a wonderful family that raised me in Springfield. I thank God for my adoptive mother that has raised me to be the woman I am. I am a multi-skilled individual that is organized, professional and balances life out with my 3 beautiful children.


I am the Vice President of the non-profit organization, EmpowerHER, that 6 ladies and I have started from the ground up. We volunteer high school girls to help us with events to give back to the community. I am a Team Mom for my kids baseball team along with their dad as the coach.


Prior to working in real estate, I worked for Hospice for many years, caring for terminally ill people. Being in and out of peoples’ homes and different facilities, I have always been a people person, gravitating towards a caregiver role. My time with Hospice has taught me both patience and empathy, characteristics I use with all of my clients. I thank God for my accomplishments and opportunities.



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